Bad Debt

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Sector Information
Race Teladi
Security Level Border
Population 72,922,900
Planets 2
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 55 km
North2,450 m2,275 m28,207 mTrinity Sanctum
South-5,950 m3,675 m-28,210 mMinistry Of Finance
Universe Map


Being the first and only Teladi Sector located next to a Paranid Sector, the Teladi opened this sector for massive amounts of trade, but trade with the Paranid was not a sensible decision. Turnover was low and few Paranid passed through sectors with only the odd ship coming in for supplies. The Teladi Chairman for this sector noticed they were slowly going into debt and so pulled out most of the high tech factories. The sector was then dubbed Bad Debt and the name has since stuck. Although relations between the two races are improving, trade is increasing at a minimal rate. Because of this debt, the Teladi trade dock is relatively quiet, with cargo bays remaining empty and most market sections closed off ans in a state of decay.

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