Greater Profit

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Sector Information
Race Teladi
Security Level Core
Population 56,383,737
Planets 3
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 55 km
North0 m0 m28,224 mSeizewell
South0 m0 m-28,224 mBlue Profit
West-28,224 m0 m0 mSpaceweed Drift
Universe Map


A relatively safe system, ideal for short trading runs and a debut in factory ownership. The Sun Oil Refineries in this system and more in the surrounding systems are reliant on imported Sunrise Flowers - making this an ideal location for a Solar Power Plant and Dream Farm.

The sector description's mention of debut factory ownership is a nod to X: Beyond the Frontier. In X:BTF, a Solar Power Plant was the least expensive factory available to the player, and therefore usually the first a player would buy. Greater Profit was the most popular place to place these Plants, thanks to the sector's Crystal Fab (and the lack of one in Seizewell).

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