Home Of Opportunity

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Sector Information
Race Teladi
Security Level Border
Population 4,030,657
Planets 1
Sun Strength 100%
Sector Size 60 km
North9,750 m0 m27,236 mMines Of Fortune
South-13,500 m7,500 m-27,236 mFamily Tkr
Universe Map


The border of Teladi and Split space in this part of the universe is located in this system.Trade between the Teladi and Split Families T'kr and Njy usually takes place in this oddly designed system. Arranged by the Paranid sector designed, Almanckessat, this system's arrangement is thought to bring forth good fortune, to which the Paranid claim a great deal of in the name of their empire, much to the chagrin of the Teladi, whom Home of Opportunity is the capital of their local sectors.

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