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Terran Spitfyre
ClassM3 Fighter
Buy:Marshall of Mars @2,909,601 Cr
Speed (Min-Max)113.0 - 452.0 m/s
Acceleration (Min-Max)22 - 88 m/s2
Steering (Min-Max)31.5 - 78.7 RPM
Hull Strength7,500 / 15,000(AP)
Max. Shield (Total)3 x 25 MJ (75 MJ)
Shield Reactor675 MW
Cargo Class (Min-Max)150 - 212 @ L
Laser Capacitor9,000 MJ
Laser Recharge270 MW
                                                                                                         Main x 8
                                                                                                         Rear x 2


An Aldrin-designed space-superiority fighter, this is the fastest M3 in the universe, with high firepower and above-average protection.


Heavily modified from older Terran fighter designs, the Spitfyre appears to perform the same role as its predecessors.

Typical for all Aldrin ship designs, which had to operate in space with no jumpgates or trans-orbital accelerators, the designers had to put all their resources and efforts into getting as much power from its engines as humanly possible, to reduce the travel time between planets and stations. When the gate to Aldrin was made operational and this ship appeared to a wide audience, every government was shocked by how easily this ship surpassed their own M3 designs.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

While impressive in its combat statistics, the designers apparently put very little effort into the hull design. This is best described as a basic box cockpit attached to two ugly box engine blocks. However, as it kicks every other M3 to the curb, who cares what it looks like?


Because the Spitfyre can be equipped with the energy-efficient EEMPC, it can fire the front weapons array almost nonstop. Its incredible speed allows it to cover distance quickly to reduce incoming fire, spew a crippling barrage and pull away before the enemy can concentrate any efficient response. However, as Aldrin had no access to other races' weapons, it cannot be equipped with any non-native gun.

It is so fast, that it can even chase down and often completely outrun M5s. Its only actual weakness, if there is one, is that the EEMPCs it mounts are slightly inferior to the regular EMPC, which are still some of the best fighter weapons available. The energy recharge rates are so high that it can easily keep up a a continuous barrage of fire and can even eliminate M6s easily if it simply sits in their blind spots while firing at them.

Since it can also mount the corvette-class PMAML, this ship can also be equipped as a heavy hitter against larger targets.

The Spitfyre shares its primary limitation with the Teladi M5 Kestrel: it sometimes carries too much inertia to turn and evade the target it is strafing, causing an embarrassing accident.




The Spitfyre is available at either of the two Aldrin Ship Production Bases in Aldrin orbit.

Suggested Roles[edit]

The versatile Spitfyre does well as a carrier-based fighter and can be configured either as an interceptor (with EEMPCs) or a light bomber (with PMAMLs). In the latter role, it is advisable not to fully upgrade its speed, because it would then be faster than the M/AML bullets it shoots.

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