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Split Boa
ClassTM Military Transport
Buy: @450,448 Cr
Speed (Min-Max)86.1 - 154.9 m/s
Acceleration (Min-Max)11 - 20 m/s2
Steering (Min-Max)1.5 - 2.8 RPM
Hull Strength16,800
Max. Shield (Total)1 x 200 MJ (200 MJ)
Shield Reactor900 MW
Cargo Class (Min-Max)750 - 1,350 @ XL
Laser Capacitor2,100 MJ
Laser Recharge63 MW
                                                                                                         Turret Front x 2
                                                                                                         Turret Rear x 2
4 M3+ - M5


A fast and quite powerful military transport, the Split Boa is the quickest in its class, though it obviously suffers a shielding penalty compared to the Magnetar or Helios. Its armament is above average for a TM but not so high as that of the rather broken OTAS Zephyrus. It is considered one of the best in its class due simply to its speed, since the TM should not be in the line of fire anyway, and speed is the best method of fulfilling this.


There are not many transport ships you'd want to avoid, but the Boa is one of them. Split designers tried to optimize every aspect of this military transport's design, especially its ability to launch fighters.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

The Boa is based off the Caiman freighter, but the ventral freight containers have been replaced with docks for four fighters. The Caiman's forward weapon array is swapped in favor of a dual-barrel turret.


With low shield strength the Boa is vulnerable in combat, but its respectable top speed give it a fighting chance of outrunning any aggressor that it cannot defend itself from with its small but respectable repertoire of weaponry. With some cleverness from the pilot, this ship is as capable of supporting a battle as most other TMs. Possibly more so, because its laser generator is much more robust.




Variant Cho's Defeat Family Njy Family Pride Family Rhy Family Tkr Patriarch's Conclusion Rhonkar's Might Rhonkar's Trial Zyarth's Dominion
Python X X X X X X

Suggested Roles[edit]

The Boa's smallish cargo capacity is a penalty for trading roles that require jumpdrives; however it can operate with enough fuel to get by and still carry cargo. As a UT this is more problematic. The Boa is a capable fighter tender but care must be taken with it in the midst of a fight.

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