Heavy Dragon

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Split Heavy Dragon
ClassM6+ Heavy Corvette
Buy:Family Protector @15,772,536 Cr
Speed (Min-Max)84.7 - 160.9 m/s
Acceleration (Min-Max)6 - 12 m/s2
Steering (Min-Max)1.3 - 2.6 RPM
Hull Strength55,600 / 222,400 (AP)
Max. Shield (Total)3 x 200 MJ (600 MJ)
Shield Reactor2,150 MW
Cargo Class (Min-Max)400 - 675 @ XL
Laser Capacitor17,525 MJ
Laser Recharge491 / 1,970 (AP) MW
                                                                                                         Main x 8
                                                                                                         Top x 4


The Heavy Dragon is not much of an improvement on the original Dragon in terms of raw stats, however with an expanded number of hardpoints in its single turret, an expanded choice of weapon options and a 50% improvement in shielding, it has a respectable advantage in combat.


Acknowledging the need to maximise the potential of the Dragon design, Split military designers have reworked it from bow to stern and the result is an even more formidable warship.

Physical Characteristics[edit]


Combat in the Heavy Dragon is much the same as that in the Dragon, however more reliance can be placed on the Heavy Dragon's top turret, which has enough hardpoints to give it a real offensive capability, as well as the ability to cover nearly the entire upper semi-sphere of the ship.




Variant Cho's Defeat Family Njy Family Pride Family Rhy Family Tkr Patriarch's Conclusion Rhonkar's Might Rhonkar's Trial Zyarth's Dominion
Heavy Dragon - - - - - x - x x

Suggested Roles[edit]

The Heavy Dragon is a decent choice for sector patrol in groups; its higher speed than other M6+ designs combined with its superior firepower give it a huge advantage at running down groups of lighter craft. Although it only has 3x200mj shields, unlike the more common 4 or higher mounted by other M6+ designs, it still has satisfactory protection.

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