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Species Type
Homeworld Family Pride (Originally "Hodie")
Systems 32
Government Patriarchy
10    Honoured Strong Arm of Rhonkar
9Honoured Imperator of Rhonkar
8Inner Circle of Rhonkar
7Privileged Associate of Rhonkar
6Family Protector
5Distinguished Associate
4Family Friend
1Known Venturer
-1Shameless Creature
-2Family Outcast
-3Family Enemy
-4Enemy of Rhonkar
-5Enemy of all Split Families

The Split are a warlike race comprised of various families. They are the enemy of the Boron and are allied with the Paranid, although their relationship is shaky at best.


They are humanoid creatures with more physical strength than an average human. They are a warrior race ruled over by a dominant family. Since 2913 EY/743 NT, the dominant family was Rhonkar, led by Rhonkar t'Ncct, the Patriarch of All Split. Their territory includes their home sector Family Pride and other sectors.

Government and politics[edit]

The Split government has changed very little over the years. It is still based upon the complex feudal hierarchical structure developed by Emperor Thuruk t'Mhhg, although the actual position of Emperor was dissolved around 400 NT/2570 EY, replaced by a number of different influential clans known as Families, that fight and conspire with each other to achieve power. The Patriarch of the strongest Family is considered the "Patriarch of All Split" (Pretty much the Emperor by another name) unless he is killed by a rival Patriarch, who will become his successor. The Patriarch is advised by the strongest leaders of other clans, but he takes the final decisions and doesn't necessarily have to listen to them. Often these strong leaders are "frienemies". On one hand, the patriarchs respect him, but on the other hand, they envy and hate him too, and will do everything they can until they eventually rebel against him. Whoever wants to to say something, must fight accordingly. If a Patriarch kills another Family's Patriarch, he can take all of his earthly possessions for himself, even if that Patriarch is the Patriarch of All Split, which would result in the killer becoming his successor. A fallen Split family must also assume the family name of the winner, to ensure that this family can never return to power again. Until 742 NT/2912 EY the powerful Family Chin, led by Patriarch Chin 'Thhg, ruled the Dynasty. However, not too long after the Second Xenon Conflict, Chin was killed by his wife and bondswoman Ghinn t'Whht and Uchan t'Scct, a former pilot in Chin's fleet. However, to Ghinn and Uchan' surprise, an army led by Rhonkar t'Ncct, Patriarch of Family Rhonkar and his wife Lady Aqhn t'Frrt, who had been in the hidden village of Ghus'Tan, waiting for years for the right time to strike, invaded the palace and took it over by sheer strength. Rhonkar became the Patriarch of All Split and annexed all the assets of Family Chin for his own family, including the systems Family Chin, Chin's Clouds and Chin's Fire, which became Family Rhonkar, Rhonkar's Cloud and Rhonkar's Fire.

Foreign relations and military[edit]

The Split are enemies with the Boron due to their conflicting ideologies with each other. Relations with the Argon race are strained because of the latter's alliance with the Boron. They are allied with the Paranid, although their relationship is shaky at best. They are members of the Profit Guild and are neutral-friendly with the Teladi, due to the fact the company's CEO, Isemados Sibasomos Nopileos IV, is a close friend of the Family Rhonkar's Patriarch.


The Split home planet, Hodie, is considered by many, even quite a few Split, to be a legend. It was a small unfriendly planet, circled by six grey moons, and permanently shrouded in a poisonous gray mist. When evolution began on the planet, the creatures that came to be known as the Split were not the dominant life form. However, due to their aggressive, ignorant and extremely vicious nature, they soon developed primitive weapons and became the planets superior race simply by killing off every other living creature on their planet in a global nuclear war, except for the Chelt, and the Scruffin plant.

Once they achieved this dubious honour, they turned their attention to attempting to organize themselves into some sort of crude civilization, but, due to their aggressive behavior, this was not very successful and a state of civil war existed for many centuries. Eventually from this chaos Thuruk t'Mhhg, a mighty war leader emerged and through Strength, Intelligence and Cleverness, he forced the Split into accepting a crude type of feudal government that was based upon a complex hierarchical structure, with himself as the Emperor.

Under Emperor Thuruk and his successors the Split made great technological advances and eventually, after many abortive attempts, managed to develop a crude form of rocketry. These crude rockets enabled them to reach, and colonize their own moons some time around the year 100 NT/2270 EY.

Long after Thuruk came Ghus t'Gllt, another leader of the Split who finally realized that the Split race could be so much more if they'd only curb their aggressiveness. Ghus invented the position of "Curb": a female Split appointed to important warriors and decision makers, to keep them from acting out their deadly impulses. This proved immensely successful and took the Split a huge step forward in their social evolution. Ghus reigned with a strong hand, but unusual fairness for a Split leader, for a long time. And no Emperor or Patriarch ever managed to fill out the footsteps this great Split had left behind when he was eventually killed. The time of Ghus was the golden age of Split civilization – so far.

The position of female Curb was dismantled officially soon after Ghus was killed. Unofficially, some families (e.g. Family Rhonkar) still use Curbs to the present day.

Some time circa 200 NT/2370 EY, the Split encountered another race, the Paranid. At first contact the two races fought, but eventually both races realised that neither could defeat the other. A tense peace was declared which enabled both sides to enter into trade agreements and also form a crude military alliance. This agreement formed the foundations of the Profit Guild.

In 299 NT/2469 EY, the Split made first contact with the Kingdom of Boron, and true to their nature, began destroying them. The Split then called upon their alliance with the Paranid and together, in an action later known as The Boron Campaign, the two forces chased the defenseless Boron back to their home planet, killing as they went.

In 326 NT/2496 EY, as they were preparing their gigantic war fleet for a final assault on Nishala, the Split and Paranid were suddenly attacked by the Argon war fleet. The intervention of the Argons turned the tide. Their superior ships and technology soon began to tell and the Split and the Paranid were forced back from territories of the Kingdom of Boron, and the Split/Paranid alliance was forced to condede defeat in 350 NT/2520 EY. After a two year war with the Paranids, the Split retreated back into their own sectors and continued trading and developing their technology, alongside their allies the Paranid. In the year 413 NT/2583 EY, as an attempt to counteract the Foundation Guild the Paranid and the Split officially formed the "Profit Guild".

In their explorations of deep space the Split have come into contact with the Xenon. At first the two races fought a small war, but when the Paranids threatened to end their alliance rather than join forces, the Split were forced to agree terms with the Xenon. Both races went in their separate ways. The Split never forgave the Paranid for not helping them, but their relationship remained more-or-less friendly. The Split were the last race to agree with the Big Currency reform of 589 NT/2759 EY.

The Split continue to harbor animosity and outright hostility towards the Boron. In preparation for resumed hostilities, the Split are currently engaged in a military build up in the new Colony Areas consisting of: Contorted Dominion, Thyn's Excavation, and Patriarch's Conclusion. The Boron are also building up their military presence in their new colonies of: Faded Dreams, Queen's Harbour, Menelaus' Oasis, and Queen's Retribution.

The Split are the only race to have had contact with the Xenon, something which has caused distrust with many, especially the Argon.

The Split Dynasty, the Teladi Space Company and the Godrealm of the Paranid form the Profit Guild.


The Split are more of a clan-centered conglomerate than anything; political power and influence is often determined by the strength of a Split's family, and their sectors are often named after the families that dominate them. They clearly have a preference for battle, and seem to have little ethical concern over their actions, as evidenced by their ongoing attempts to eradicate the Boron, their legalization of the harvesting of endangered space flies, and their stated extensive use of slave labor in their mines.

The Split are probably the most vicious race in the entire Community of Planets especially the men. They take pleasure in hunting and killing other "creatures" (especially the peaceful Boron). They are well known for their very crude and dark sense of humor. Also they love to torture and kill anyone, including other Split and even their own family members. Split men are well known for their immense fighting spirit, and they tend to fight losing battles due to their pride.. Split men only respect those who are stronger than themselves and if they can, they will try and betray them. Curiously, female Split are not nearly as aggressive as their male brethren, but like them, they're very physically strong.

Geography and Climate[edit]

Science and Technology[edit]

Their ships are noticeably focused more on weapons than shields. Their ships are supposedly powered by Markus Spaceflies, although this is against the law in all other governments of the Community of Planets. The Split use Boron made Ion Disruptors to stun the Space Flies before capture.


Split ships are fast, powerful and well armed, but famously lacking in shielding. Oddly, they tend to also lack the ability to sustain fire for long periods of time. For these reasons, Split ships are ideal for using a series of fast attacks and retreats, or intercepting slower, weaker ships.

Albion Prelude Ships



Split Shipyards are known as Split Shipyards and are known to exist in the following sectors:


Core Worlds[edit]

  1. Family Njy
  2. Family Pride
  3. Family Rhonkar
  4. Family Rhy
  5. Family Tkr
  6. Family Zein
  7. Njy's Deception
  8. Patriarch's Conclusion
  9. Rhonkar's Might
  10. Rhy's Crusade
  11. Thuruk's Pride

Border Worlds[edit]

  1. Cho's Defeat
  2. Contorted Dominion
  3. Family Ryk
  4. Family Whi
  5. Family Zyarth
  6. Ghinn's Escape
  7. Patriarch's Keep
  8. Patriarch's Retreat
  9. Rhonkar's Clouds
  10. Rhonkar's Fire
  11. Rhonkar's Trial
  12. Rhy's Desire
  13. Tharka's Sun
  14. The Shallows
  15. Thuruk's Beard
  16. Thyn's Abyss
  17. Thyn's Excavation
  18. Tkr's Deprivation
  19. Wretched Skies
  20. Zyarth's Dominion
  21. Zyarth's Stand (AP only)



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