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Teladi Phoenix
ClassM2 Destroyer
Buy:Venture Profiteer @69,283,911 Cr
Speed (Min-Max)23.9 - 40.7 m/s
Acceleration (Min-Max)2.0 - 4.0 m/s2
Steering (Min-Max)0.3 - 0.5 RPM
Hull Strength6,000,000
Max. Shield (Total)5 x 2 GJ (10,000 MJ)
Shield Reactor8,000 MW
Cargo Class (Min-Max)13,000 - 13,000 @ XL
Laser Capacitor276,400 MJ
Laser Recharge4,142 MW
                                                                                                         Front x 8
                                                                                                         Right x 8
                                                                                                         Back x 8
                                                                                                         Left x 8
                                                                                                         Up x 4
                                                                                                         Down x 4


It may not be the best Destroyer at its job, but its behemoth dimensions make the Phoenix's appearance on the battlefield truly intimidating. It's one of the largest ships in the game files, and one of the two largest ships in the vanilla game. Otherwise, it has typical Commonwealth destroyer stats, but lower speed and higher shielding, being Teladian.


The Phoenix is the destroyer ship operated by the Teladi Company Space Fleet. Its technology is based on the Paranid Odysseus and the Boron Ray. It is well armed and shielded but rarely known to fight.

Physical Characteristics[edit]

The Phoenix is a pile of scrap metal four kilometers long. Generally the largest ship in any sector, the Phoenix is incredible to behold. Its hull is a patchwork of rusting panels, covered in exposed tubing and oddly-positioned turrets. Some like it and others loathe it; whichever pole you stand on, this ship is impossible to miss with weapons fire, or anything else for that matter.


It is truly awesome to see a Phoenix in battle. However, its great size is actually a pretty big downfall in combat, as it makes it very difficult to avoid taking large hits. Its armament is typical, but its main trick is that its size spoofs enemy targeting: The frontal turret can fire the moment the enemy comes into range, but because of the way range calculation works, the enemy won't start firing until the centre-point of the Phoenix (about 2 kilometres back), comes into range. So you get 2 kilometres of extra firing, and backup from the 10GJ shielding. This makes it a pretty good investment for a ~67Mcr investment plus equipment costs.

The Phoenix does have trouble hitting fighters due to lack of flak mounts (only 4 at the back, with up/down turrets using CIGs and ISRs).




Variant Ceo's Sprite Grand Exchange Ianamus Zura Ministry of Finance PTNI Headquarters Seizewell
Phoenix x x x x x x

Teladi Phoenixes can also be found patrolling Teladi sectors, especially those bordering Xenon sectors. There is always one to be found in Seizewell.

Suggested Roles[edit]

A centre-piece for any self-respecting battle fleet, the Phoenix's natural high shielding makes it a good thing to hide behind when the going gets tough. With decent weapon compatibility and large cargo space for missiles and ammo, it can be a good resupply tanker when used with a transporter device.

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