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Species Type Human
Homeworld Earth
Systems 30
10    Hero of Sol
9Solar Sentinel
8Guardian of Earth
7Planetary Senator
6Servant of Terra
5Warrior of Io
4Marshall of Mars
3Senatorial Advisor
2Regional Representative
1Local Counsellor
-5Enemy of Sol


The Terrans are the inhabitants of Earth. They are a technologically advanced race, but their suspicion of other races, including their lost human brethren, the Argon, motivated them to be protective of their territory.

To shield Earth from alien races, they moved their only jump gate to a secluded location and a substantial military presence now buffers the void between the Solar System and the Commonwealth.

The Terrans built only two jumpgates. All other gates were built by a mysterious people only known as "The Ancients".

In the year 2066 AD the Terrans started to send terraforming ships into the depths of space. These were later followed by self-replicating machines. After several years the terraforming project was discontinued but their attempts to cancel the terraforming process failed because the terraformers had become sentient. The machines became known as the Xenon.

Several years after that, the Xenon attacked Earth and tried to destroy their creators and everything they stood for. This was the Xenon invasion. In a brave tactical maneuver, Nathan R. Gunne led the Xenon fleet through a jump gate to what is now known as Brennan's Triumph. He then destroyed the gate that led back to Earth. He would never see his home planet again, and the descendents of his forces went on to become the modern-day Argon Federation.

Terrans are the humans left behind on Earth after Gunne separated them from the X-Universe. They have, over time, rebuilt their civilization in the Solar System and have advanced technologically. The reconnection of the Solar System to the gate network has reintroduced them to X-Universe.

Government and politics[edit]

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Foreign relations and military[edit]

The Terran space-based military is composed of two known services, the United Space Command (USC) and the AGI Task Force (ATF). These factions are both under the authority of the Earth Government, but despite this, the USC and ATF have completely separate styles of ship design and have chains of command independent of each other. Additionally, the ATF appear to be Earth's primary defense fleet, while the USC has a larger presence in other Terran sectors. However, this does not mean that the USC has no obligation to protect Earth or combat AGI incursions. Likewise, ATF forces have been seen patrolling distant Terran sectors alongside the USC.

What is clear is that both of these forces typically do not trust outsiders (i.e. anyone from the Commonwealth), even their Argon cousins. This is evident by the large numbers of military patrols and defense stations in all Terran sectors. As a result, it is rare to see a vessel from another race, or non-Terran faction, flying in Terran space. This lack of trust and past experiences with the Xenon have resulted in strict policies regarding Earth orbit access. The Terran home world is fiercely defended by both USC and ATF forces; who destroy literally any ship (even those of friends) who violate their access level. Even in Earth orbit, any ship seeking to fly beyond or around the Earth Torus will be fired upon by the station's defense network, even if friendly.


The Terran Empire expanded to huge size in the early-mid third millennium.

With the invention of jumpgates they began to explore, first building one in orbit around Earth and sending another to Alpha Centauri in order to link the two. Before the second reached its destination they found the first was already linking, and it's believed the sector Brennan's Triumph is in fact Alpha Centauri and possessed several gates of its own already.

Sonra, a star, was situated in one of the systems they claimed, and was later to become the home of the Argon, and one of the planets be called Argon Prime. Aldrin, Megnir, Althes and Segaris were another of the systems they colonized.

The Terrans had been using terraformer machines in order to make planets habitable, and when no longer needed these were often abandoned and left to float through space. Eventually, they cancelled the project, and sent the Third Terraformer Fleet (the one that was fully automated) a self-destruction patch. Unfortunately, Martin Winters, a disgruntled high ranking engineer of the project, could not let that happen, and stopped the patch from spreading, and instead rewrote it so that the Terraformers could become sentient. Unfortunately, the modified patch had the side effect of making them extremely aggressive against anything that wasn't Martin. The gigantic Terraformer fleet turned against the Terrans, and destroyed nearly all the colonies. Their civilization collapsed, the solar system was under heavy attack. Mars became a victim of the crazed AGI, which had now ceased most terraforming and were simply killing all life on the planets they found.

Then they reached Earth, and slaughtered most of the planet. The attack was long and bloody, and Earth nearly became uninhabitable. They even dropped a massive asteroid in the middle of North America. Eventually, Nathan Ridley Gunne led the six surviving USC capital ships, including his own, the USCSS Dragonfyre, through the Earth jumpgate and blew it up after the TF/Xenon fleet followed him. The crew of his ship would never see Earth again... they would rebuild their race as the Argon, in Argon Prime, eventually to disown their past, with only a few known as the Goner to remain insistant that their race were descendants of the blue-green planet Earth.

After Gunne and the rest of the crew had left and destroyed the gate, the Terrans were safe. Their solar system had been badly damaged, their links with the jump network severed. Their population was decimated and much of their technology lost, but with the help of the trans-orbital accelerators between planets they could rebuild their infrastructure. The Solar System remained the home of the Terrans until the end of the millennium, with any creating of jumpgates or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) strictly forbidden. They were so traumatized they never made anything with AGI ever again, ever. The USC even created its AGI Task Force in case anyone was stupid enough to create another AGI.

Until the events of X3: Reunion the Terrans had no contact with anyone else, except for a Xenon jumpship in 2912 EY, whose jumpdrive was later installed into the USC X, better known as the Xperimental Shuttle by the Argons.

Upon reunion, they have discovered many things. Most interestingly the Argon have survived and created an entire race in only a few centuries from the crew of one ship, and the survivors of their razed colonies. Most surprisingly the entire gate network has shuffled, leaving very few original Terran empire sectors left in the galaxy and linking four other sentient races, the Split, Teladi, Boron and Paranid.

And most worryingly, after all this time the Xenon are still a rampant threat throughout what is now the X-Universe.

The Terrans remain the most technologically advanced race in the gate network, even after losing several hundred years of progress in the Terraformer War.


After a long period of isolation, the Terrans have become highly xenophobic, even shunning their long-lost "brothers" the Argon. Much of their space technology is offensively advanced due to fear of the Terraformers, or Xenon. Indeed, their paranoia is epitomised by the ATF, or A(rtificial)G(eneral)I(Intelligence) Task Force, essentially founded in case the Xenon ever decided to find Earth again. Much of the main plot is caused by their xenophobia and tense negotiations with the Argon.

Geography and Climate[edit]

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Science and Technology[edit]

Terran and Commonwealth vessels are incapable of mounting each others' weapons technology. It is unknown why this is the case, especially since Commonwealth shields and other equipment can be easily fitted to Terran vessels and vice versa. In terms of military capabilities, Terran ships are some of the deadliest. They usually have very good shields, high speeds, high shield and laser energy recharge rates as well as reasonably high laser capacities. Because Terran craft typically only mount Terran weapons, they lack wide equipment options, though Terran weapons tend to be very powerful and efficient, they are expensive and hard to obtain. The ATF typically has ships that are very similar to regular Terran craft in role, though with even better shielding and firepower potential.


Terran ships tend towards a compact and streamlined design with occasional asymmetries. Almost all basic Terran ships and stations share a matte-white main color with a red or black trim. Terran ships tend to be quick and well shielded, complimented by powerful shield reactors and weapon capacitors.

Mainly by virtue of their expensive and rare weapons, Terran ships are seen as expensive and somewhat unwieldy to field, though they are often at the top of their class. Some Terran craft even manage to rival the leaders of higher ship classes. The ATF variants are both rarer and more expensive, but they're also tougher, faster, and stronger.


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Terran Shipyards are known to exist in the following sectors:

The rediscovered Aldrin Colony has their own shipbuilding factories known as Aldrin Ship Production Bases.


Core Worlds[edit]

  1. Earth
  2. Asteroid Belt
  3. Jupiter
  4. Jupiter 2
  5. Jupiter 3
  6. Mars
  7. Venus
  8. The Moon
  9. Mercury (sector)
  10. Saturn
  11. Saturn 2
  12. Saturn 3
  13. Titan (sector)
  14. Uranus
  15. Uranus 2
  16. Uranus 3
  17. Neptune
  18. Pluto
  19. Kuiper Belt
  20. Oort Cloud

Border Worlds[edit]

  1. Heretic's End
  2. Unknown Sector (Beyond Oort Cloud 1st)
  3. Unknown Sector (Beyond Oort Cloud 2nd)
  4. Unknown Sector (Beyond Oort Cloud 3rd)
  5. Unknown Sector (Beyond Oort Cloud 4th)
  6. Aldrin
  7. Aldrin 2
  8. Megnir
  9. Althes
  10. Segaris


MRE C-Ration


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