The Moon

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Sector Information
Race Terran
Security Level Core
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size km
South0 m0 m-61,500 m
West-57,500 m0 m27,000 m
Universe Map


In past times, Earth's moon was little more than a glimmer of the dreams held within those who gazed upon it. The cratered surface now glittering with countless refineries and bases, few will ever remember it as being anything more than a stepping stone to the stars.

Shipyard Availability[edit]


StationST SizeCost
Spectre Missile Manufacturing Facility 130002,876,128
Matter/Anti-Matter Mine Fab 150002,246,368
Ghoul Missile Manufacturing Plant 1950010,952,660
Solar Power Plant M110006,998,796
Solar Power Plant L175009,904,140
Solar Power Plant XL2400017,607,360
Ore Mine M8500402,528
Ore Mine L16500805,056
Silicon Mine M8500402,528
Silicon Mine L16500805,056
Protein Paste Blending Facility M12500325,008
Protein Paste Blending Facility L18500811,548
Water Purification Plant M8500402,528
Water Purification Plant L16500805,056
Crystal Fab M155003,129,332
Crystal Fab L210006,258,664
USC Food Supply Factory M13500921,920
USC Food Supply Factory L200002,077,432
Carbo Cake Factory M12500325,008
Carbo Cake Factory L18500811,548
Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher Forge 2050011,965,472
Point Singularity Projector Forge 2450015,971,276
Starburst Shockwave Cannon Forge 1550014,237,808
Keris Drone Factory M95003,129,332
Shadow Missile Construction Facility 175002,934,560
Phantom Missile Fabrication Facility 135002,889,112
Poltergeist Missile Fabrication Facility 175002,934,560
Wraith Missile Production Plant 2000010,952,660
Complex Construction Kit 4250259,696


Odin 67,891,874
Tyr 95,666,676
Thor S2,265,386
Thor M3,009,154
Thor L3,978,854
Fenrir S5,373,157
Fenrir M6,137,701
Fenrir L7,172,325
Mjollnir S480,638
Mjollnir M1,141,302
Mjollnir L1,869,486
Valkyrie S41,034
Valkyrie M706,882
Valkyrie L1,029,422
Vidar 8,867,546
Vali 14,606,957
Aegir 36,893,300
Skirnir 51,426,360
Woden 76,182,339
Baldric S387,762
Baldric M486,450
Baldric L811,070
Scabbard S508,471
Scabbard M931,779
Scabbard L68,033,931
Tokyo 1,482,392
Osaka 74,744,047
Scimitar S226,160
Scimitar M3,195,860
Scimitar L41,034
Cutlass S5,130,993
Cutlass M5,895,537
Cutlass L6,930,161
Rapier S706,882
Rapier M706,882
Rapier L6,490,494
Katana 34,950,881
Yokohama 5,279,520
Claymore 28,579,548
Mobile Mining Base-Ship 28,579,548
Baldric Miner S460,702
Baldric Miner M559,390
Baldric Miner L884,010
Hayabusa S2,502,899
Hayabusa M2,658,715
Hayabusa L2,658,715
Mani S1,260,308
Mani M2,004,076
Mani L2,973,776
Kyoto 154,242,935
Toucan 438,338
Maccana 17,299,092

Default Stations[edit]


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