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A new universe map is being produced by Whitehorn, me. This map will be in PDF format and will include such things as faction ownership of sectors, sector contents (stations, asteroids), clear directionality, and will be vector-based art (which means any level of zoom will be absolutely clear and absent of pixelation). The idea behind this project is to have a map that readily displays all sectors and contents so as to better plan for potential trade routes. The map should represent the start game, as the universe will dynamically add and remove stations from sectors. If you want to help me by providing accurate and complete contents of various sectors, contact Whitehorn on this website. Also, it would be great to be able to upload files to this wiki.

Best Shipyards for each race[edit]

Main article: Shipyards
Here is a list of shipyards based on race that are most likely to have every single race factory and ship for that race. (You should place your base near these sectors to maximize productivity)

Race Terran Conflict Albion Prelude
Argon Legend's Home Legend's Home
Boron Queen's Retribution Queen's Retribution
Paranid Third Redemption Heaven's Assertion
Split Family Rhy Family Rhy
Teladi Ceo's Sprite Ceo's Sprite
Terran The Moon The Moon

X Universe[edit]


  • Dotted Borders indicate jump gates.
  • Solid Borders indicate no jump gates.
  • The colour of each cell shows its owner.
  • The colour of the border shows when red it was introduced by Albion Prelude
Boron Argon Teladi Split Paranid Terran Goner Yaki Pirate Unknown Xenon Kha'ak

Commonwealth Space[edit]

Kingdom End Rolk's Drift Queen's Space Menelaus' Frontier Ceo's Buckzoid Teladi Gain Family Whi to Shareholder's fortune The Vault Unknown Sector (16,0) Xenon Sector 534 Xenon Sector 596
Three Worlds Power Circle Antigone Memorial Rolk's Fate Profit Share Seizewell Family Zein to Family Whi Shareholder's Fortune Mines Of Fortune Getsu Fune Menelaus' Paradise Xenon Sector 597
Cloudbase North West Herron's Nebula The Hole Atreus' Clouds Spaceweed Drift Greater Profit Thuruk's Pride Family Pride Rhonkar's Might Patriarch's Retreat Home of Opportunity Bluish Snout
Ringo Moon Argon Prime The Wall Farnham's Legend Bala Gi's Joy Blue Profit Rhonkar's Fire Rhonkar's Clouds Tharka's Sun Cho's Defeat To Earth Sectors Family Tkr Tkr's Deprivation Ghinn's Escape Hila's Joy Ocean of Fantasy A New Home
Red Light Home of Light President's End Elena's Fortune Olmancketslat's Treaty Ceo's Sprite Family Rhonkar Patriarch's Keep Two Grand Player Sector Heretic's End Harmony of Perpetuity Family Njy Njy's Deception Family Ryk !
Cloudbase South West Ore Belt Cloudbase South East Split Fire Brennan's Triumph Company Pride Thuruk's Beard Profit Center Alpha PTNI Headquarters Void of Opportunity Circle Of Labour Elysium of Light Xenon Sector 472 Thyn's Abyss Albion Delta Family Zyarth Zyarth's Dominion Zyarth's Stand Xenon Sector 695
Emperor Mines Paranid Prime Priest Rings Priest's Pity Danna's Chance Nopileos' Memorial Hatikvah's Faith Aladna Hill Akeela's Beacon Scale Plate Green Nyana's Hideout Omicron Lyrae Treasure Chest Black Hole Sun Albion Alpha Albion Beta Albion Gamma Xenon Sector 598 Xenon Sector 627 Xenon Core Sector 023
Savage Spur Empire's Edge Duke's Domain Emperor's Ridge Freedom's Reach Xenon Sector 101 to Clarity's End Light of Heart Legend's Home Unknown Sector (9,7) Eighteen Billion Xenon Sector 347 Unknown Sector (14,7) Nathan's Voyage Wastelands Midnight Star Belt of Aguilar Grand Exchange Tears of Greed
Ocracoke's Storm Preacher's Void Pontifex' Realm Light Water Montalaar Unknown Sector (8,8) New Income Ianamus Zura Homily of Perpetuity Argon Sector M148 Interworlds Merchant Haven to Bright Profit
Senator's Badlands Duke's Vision Emperor's Wisdom Trinity Sanctum Preacher's Refuge Shore of Infinity Lucky Planets Rolk's Legacy Great Trench Ceo's Doubt Acquisition Repository to Sacred Relic Gaian Star Unknown Sector (18,9) Maelstrom
Weaver's Tempest Bad Debt to Hatikvah's Faith Gunne's Crusade LooManckStrat's Legacy <----------> Spaceweed Grove Unknown Sector (18,10)
Rhy's Crusade Rhy's Desire Ministry of Finance Rhonkar's Trial Clarity's End Third Redemption Perdition's End Mi Ton's Refuge
Family Rhy Wretched Skies The Shallows Desecrated Skies Moo-Kye's Revenge
Depths of Silence Dark Waters Reservoir of Tranquillity Barren Shores To Priest Refuge To Barren Shores Priest Refuge Cardinal's Domain Sacred Relic To Interworlds Perpetual Sin
Shining Currents Great Reef Spring Of Belief Friar's Retreat Pontifex' Seclusion <----------> Duke's Citadel
Mists of Elysium Unknown Sector (3,15) Unknown Sector (7,15) Unholy Descent Consecrated Fire Heaven's Assertion to Patriarch's Conclusion
Vestibule of Creation Unknown Sector (7,16) Unknown Sector (8,16) Unknown Sector (10,16)

Earth Sectors[edit]

Kuiper Belt Uranus 2 Titan
Oort Cloud Pluto Neptune Uranus Saturn Saturn 2 Saturn 3 Mercury (sector)
Unknown Sector (7,4) Unknown Sector (8,4) Uranus 3 Jupiter Jupiter 2 Jupiter 3 Venus The Moon
Unknown Sector (7,5) Unknown Sector (8,5) Asteroid Belt to Mars to Asteroid Belt Mars Earth
to Heretic's End

Aldrin Sectors[edit]

Terran Unknown Sector 2
Aldrin Aldrin 2 Terran Unknown Sector 3 Terran Unknown Sector 1 Xenon Sector

New Colony Areas[edit]

to Tears of Greed
Bright Profit
Sanctity of Corruption Company Strength
Queen's Retribution Hollow Infinity
to Heaven's Assertion Patriarch's Conclusion Contorted Dominion Faded Dreams Queen's Harbour Menelaus' Oasis
Thyn's Excavation Veil of Delusion Unknown Sector (18,16)

Kha'ak Sectors[edit]

Kha'ak Sectors are only accessible via jumpdrives.

Kha'ak Sector 841 Kha'ak Sector 931
Kha'ak Sector 926


The Hub has 6 re-targetable gates.

Unknown Sector (The Hub)

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